Symposium Chairmen

Prof.Dr. Işık YILMAZ
Cumhuriyet University

Prof.Dr. Marian MARSCHALKO
Technical University of Ostrava
Czech Republic

Prof.Dr. Marian DRUSA
Zilina University
Prof. Yuksel ALTINER - Germany
Prof.Dr. Victor ARAD - Romania (Chief Editor - Revista Minelor Mining Revue)
Prof.Dr. Temenoujka BANDROVA - Bulgaria (Editorial Member - Int. J. of Digital Earth)
Prof. Dr. Matthias BECKER - Germany
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Martin BEDNARIK - Slovakia
Prof.Dr. Marek CALA - Poland
Prof.Dr. Nikoloz CHIKHRADZE - Georgia
Prof.Dr. Martin G. CULSHAW - UK (Chief Editor - Bulletin of Engineering Geology & the Environment)
Dr. Michel DABAS - France
Prof.Dr. Tolga DEPCI - Turkey
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Domenico DORONZO - Italy (Associate Editor - Arabian Journal of Geosciences)
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Marian DRUSA - Slovakia
Prof.Dr. Murat ERCANOGLU - Turkey
Prof.Dr. Anna Maria FERRERO - Italy
Prof.Dr. Gudrun GISLADOTTIR - Iceland
Prof.Dr. Candan GOKCEOGLU - Turkey (Associate Editor - Computers & Geosciences)
Prof.Dr. Sloveyko GOSPODINOV - Bulgaria
Prof.Dr. Lalchand Govindram GWALANI - Australia (Associate Editor - Mineralogy and Petrology)
Prof.Dr. Zakaria HAMIMI - Egypt (President of Arabian Geosciences Union)
Prof.Dr. Hikmat HASANOV - Azerbaijan (Head of LEO Satellite Systems Department)
Prof.Dr. Ali KAHRIMAN - Turkey
Prof.Dr. Alexander KARAMANOV - Bulgaria (Editorial Board - Materials Engineering Innovation)
Prof.Dr. Jim LAMOREAUX - USA (Chief Editor - Environmental Earth Sciences, Carbonates & Evaporites)
Prof.Dr. Saro LEE - Korea (Editorial Board - Geosciences Journal)
Dr. Jean-Sebastian L'HEUREUX - Norway
Prof. Jan LUNDQVIS - Sweden (Editor - Reviews in Environmental Science and Bio/Technology)
Prof. Osamu KUSAKABE - Japan
Prof.Dr. Marian MARSCHALKO - Czech Republic
Prof.Dr. Gyula MENTES - Hungary (Chair of IAEG Working Group: Monitoring of Landslides & System Analysis)
Prof.Dr. Mario PARISE - Italy
Prof.Dr. John D. PIPER - UK
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Biswajeet PRADHAN - Malaysia (Editor - Arabian Journal of Geosciences)
Prof.Dr. Diego Lo PRESTI - Italy
Prof.Dr. Robert REILINGER - USA (MIT - Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences)
Prof.Dr. M.R. RIAZI - Kuwait (Chief Editor - International Journal of Oil, Gas and Coal Technology)
Prof.Dr. Seyed Hamidreza SADEGHI - Iran (Chief Editor - Ecopersia)
Prof. Giuseppe SAPPA - Italy
Prof. Andrea SEGALINI - Italy
Prof.Dr. Sudipta SENGUPTA - India (Editorial Board - Journal of Structural Geology)
Prof.Dr. Harun SONMEZ - Turkey (Editorial Board - International J. of Rock Mechanics & Mining Sciences)
Prof.Dr. Seyed Naser Moghaddas TAFRESHI - Iran
Prof.Dr. Tamer TOPAL - Turkey
Prof.Dr. Atiye TUGRUL - Turkey (IAEG Vice-President for Europe)
Prof.Dr. Resat ULUSAY - Turkey (Associate Editor - Environmental & Engineering Geosciences)
Prof.Dr. C. J. (Cees) Van WESTEN - Netherlands
Prof.Dr. Surendra Pal VERMA - Mexico (Editor - Geofísica Internacional)
Prof.Dr. Benedetto De VIVO - Italy (Chief Editor - Journal of Geochemical Exploration)
Prof.Dr. Jo De WEALE - Italy (Associate Editor - International Journal of Speleology)
Prof. Dr. John WEBER - USA
Prof.Dr. Wei WU - Austria (Chief Editor - Acta Geotechnica)
Prof.Dr. Işık YILMAZ - Turkey (Editorial Board - Bull Engng Geol & the Env - Environmental Earth Sciences)
Prof.Dr. David D. ZHANG - USA (President, Water and Eco Crisis Foundation - W&ECF)
Prof. Zheng ZHENG - China

(listed in alphabetical order of surname)

P.S.: All affiliations and editorial assignments related with the members had been listed in 2015. If there will be any changes, please inform the committee via e-mail to